The Pink Cloud Recovery Line

When someone finds sobriety and recovery after experiencing addiction, this newfound freedom comes with feelings of elation and elevation. We all know feelings come and go, but moving into long-lasting recovery is about choosing how to look at each new day. 

The Pink Cloud Recovery Line is a way to remind all of us, whether in recovery or not, that even when we don’t FEEL light and airy and positive, we can CHOOSE to look on the brighter side of our lives and our recovery. We can look for collaboration instead of isolation, and find serenity through connection and community.

At our shop, we print to provide hope and training for those in early recovery from addiction and trafficking. When you purchase one of these quality garments, not only will it help you focus on the positive parts of your life or sobriety, but it also directly helps us continue to provide jobs and internships for some amazing individuals on our team.