Hip-hop Can Change the World (workshop)

Hip-hop Can Change the World (workshop)

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* Select Dec 10th, which is the only date this workshop is currently scheduled for.

Who is this for? 

You will benefit if you are a teacher, hip-hop artist, youth leader, counselor, student or hip-hop fan.

What Should I Expect?

As human beings we are all emcees, learning to express our deepest needs and hopes in words. We are all deejays, sampling what brings us life and remixing it into a rhythm of life. Hip-hop shows us how to tap the innate power of our humanity and channel change for ourselves and all those we serve. Come vibe with Dee Jay Doc (CLE) and Quill the Messenger (MKE) as you experience how Hip-hop can help you discover the presence and practices of profound inner and outer change. 

We'll have plenty of food and snacks for you to enjoy as we connect interpersonally and hear some energetic songs and even try writing some lyrics to share. You'll walk away with new hip-hop-style practices that you can use in your daily life and in class with your students.

This is for our Cleveland event, if you live closer to Akron, register here for the Saturday event.