Hip-hop is a powerful force, a culture and a mix of art forms, that started in the Bronx, New York but spread all the way around the world. Listening to music, making beats, rapping, dancing and designing helped us find our voices and relate better to the world around. Hip-hop continues to do this different cultures throughout Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. There is so much potential in hip-hop and in you!

Quill the Messenger and Dee Jay Doc will be walking you through some hip-hop knowledge and song writing projects. You'll gain skills to make your own beats, write code, express your deepest self, record in the studio and perform with style! This page gives you a peek at what you'll be learning and doing this semester change your world through hip-hop.

This video shows you some of the process, including how students have recorded in the schools recording booth. Notice how each student had more and more fun as the project progressed. Everyone starts off a little timid, but if you put in the work you'll shine like the true star that you are!

Check this MC2 Stem theme song written by one of our guest artists as you see 9th graders making music, coding, writing, recording and performing. 

Dennis Ducsay (senior at MC2)

After we met Dennis in 9th grade. He went on to create a lot of great music. His single, "Puzzled," tells his story of living with autism and specifically some stories from when he was a 9th grader at MC2 Stem. Discovering unique skills such as acting, wordplay and performing helped Dennis grow in confidence and become an aspiring young artist and leader.

See the music video below.