"The Chrysalis Trilogy"

This 3-song music video release was created in the summer of 2021 by a group of amazing and diverse youth who took part in our Fresh Force summer job program. Students developed artistic, interpersonal and transferrable employment skills as they wrote and produced this work.The Chrysalis Trilogy explores the three stages of the butterfly's development. Where am I in my life right now? The caterpillar, chrysalis or butterfly? Maybe you'll see yourself as you hear the lyrics. We hope this work causes you to connect with your journey as you strengthen your wings to break out of the pressure into a beautiful butterfly. 

Stage 1: "Caterpillar"

Being young and naive has its benefits, but knowing the possibilities of the future is not one of them. I have more questions than answers. I often don't have control over my environment. Only later in life can we sometimes look back and begin to understand the pain we went through. As I do, I feel like a caterpillar who is trying to grow up. I need a transformation that I don't know how to find; but, one thing I can do. . . express with honesty the way I feel right now and learn to just be me for now.

Stage 2: "Chrysalis"

Ever feel like you are trapped in a chrysalis? The isolation and the pressure can feel crushing! These students flip the script and reflect on life "In My Own Space." This song was based on the idea of being comfortable with yourself mentally and emotionally, and how that translates into being able to express yourself and feel confident in everything that you do.⁠ Inside this chrysalis we build strength.

STAGE 3: "Butterfly"

It takes a long hard journey to get to this phase. Sometimes I feel like I just broke out and am trying to fly. Sometimes I'm just looking forward to that day. All I know is that I'm gonna use my talents to fly higher than my haters ever though possible. I will become who I was destined to be. So will you.