Fresh Force 2022 Summer Job Program

This 3-song music video release was created in the summer of 2022 by a group of amazing and diverse youth who took part in our Fresh Force summer job program. Students developed artistic, interpersonal and transferrable employment skills as they wrote and produced this work. Collaboration, creativity and willingness to learn new things were key to the success of this project that was performed at the Bob Stop for a final celebration.

"Time For the Show"

Written, produced, recorded, filmed and performed by the team of Juan, Henry, Shaniya, Dennis, Malia, Serenity and CJ

"Message to Parents"

Produced by Krissodd and Lil Kili
Written by Lil Kili, Krissodd, Kelissa and Kamarra
Audio Production by Lil Kili and CJ
Video Production by Kelissa, Lil Kili, Anti and Kamarra


Produced by Daniel and Ericka
Written and performed by Ericka, Imani, Ryver, Irene, and Daniel (EMD)
Recorded and mixed by Daniel, Imani, Ericka and Dennis
Filmed by Daniel, Imani and Zach.