Our Story

Refresh Collective is a nonprofit that empowers youth & adults through the power of hip-hop music and screen printing. We believe that students become better citizens and leaders when they gain the confidence to pick up a mic or design their own fashion to express themselves. As our founder Dee Jay Doc says, “When you tell your own story, it gives you ownership over it. It helps us all, especially in overcoming trauma.” Our mission is to uplift young people’s lives through life-changing experiences in music, art, and creativity, inspired by the original elements of hip-hop. 


Leadership through Music

Refresh Collective started out as a summer camp in Doc’s home studio in Glenville. 12 years later, we now have our own community space with a studio and storefront in Cleveland, and have reached over 10,000 students through our songwriting programs in schools! We’ve installed mobile recording studios at public schools, youth rehabilitation centers, and hospitals throughout Ohio. During after-school programs and summer camps held at our space, students practice arts mastery and personal development, learning skills such as essay-writing, journalism, photography, video editing, mural creation, and digital software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Logic. We also emphasize positive values such as healthy living and fresh foods, emotional reflection, and leadership in the community.

Excellence through fashion

We sell our Refresh apparel line—which features art by professional artists alongside student-created designs—in our storefront space in Cleveland. Refresh apparel is hand-printed by the Refresh Collective Print + Embroidery shop in Cincinnati, which works with and employs women & teens in recovery from addiction, trafficking, and trauma. Our goal is to refresh the heart of the city, and refresh the hearts and minds of future community leaders, creatives, and change-makers.

Our Pledge

make a difference

Want to support Refresh Collective or get involved? We’d love for you to make a donation, buy some apparel on our site, or contact us to visit your school or organization!