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to help people flourish

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Covid has affected our youth in many ways

It is urgent that we help

We know our youth and teens are resilient, but the increased gaps in equity for black and brown students needs to be solved. We are working with struggling schools and students who need help with mental health, relationship building and job skills.

From the Chrysalis Trilogy. . .

"Light It Up"

What will it be like to break through the chrysalis with strong wings. . .and emerge as a butterfly?

Our Mission

Helping People Flourish through Music and Design


Core Values

Artistic Excellence

We master our craft, move the crowd and make change.

Loving Our Neighbor

We honor every voice and story, build trust through commitment and cultivate community health.

Active Mentoring

We build creativity, confidence and character through collaborative experiential learning.

Synergistic Serving

We believe in strong, long-term partnerships with organizations we can serve alongside.

Hip-hop Music

Supporting Schools

Engaging hip-hop based curriculums activate students in deep learning. Youth and teens listen to hip-hop on the way to and from school. Here's how to use hip-hop in-school to support social and emotional learning as well as academic achievement.

Arts Mastery

After school and during summer, teens find loving mentors at our neighborhood recording studios who guide collaborative music making projects and teach reflective writing practices. Students tell their own stories of struggle and success by producing their own hip-hop songs.

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Workforce Development

Internships and summer jobs at our recording studios give teens real world experience in the studio and on stage. They create a resume, practice job interviews and gain transferrable employment skills.

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Hand Printed Apparel

Jobs for Teens

Teens gain valuable experience managing inventory, creating social media campaigns and selling our fresh apparel to customers at our t-shirt shop.

Women in Recovery

In our recovery rich print and embroidery shop, women process their trauma and heal. Through job training they activate their potential. You and your organization can also be a part of their story of hope.

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Hand Printed Apparel

Clothing affects how you feel. We love to create designs that inspire a better live and a healthier community. Order online or visit our clothing store. All clothing is designed by our students and designers and printed in our print shop.

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