Arts-Integrated Eduation

We are proud of our partnerships with local Cleveland and Cincinnati public schools. Our teaching artists run hip-hop writing classes right in the school or teach printing and workforce skills in off-site locations. All our in-school programs count toward students' curriculum and earn them graduation credits. Students gain both tangible skills and experience social-emotional growth in our programs. 

During our 2022 job program, students experienced a range of opportunities, from performing at multiple local venues to a personal learning session hosted by Mike Chav, a Grammy Award-nominated hip-hop engineer. They created three music videos, listened to talks by successful entrepreneurs and creatives in the Cleveland community, and designed their own T-shirts and hats. Many of these students have continued to find internships through opportunities attached to the summer program, where they have continued their mastery of skills like video, photography, or social media marketing! 



Cleveland Public School IN-School Studio

Refresh Collective is proud of our partnership with multiple Cleveland-area public schools. We’ve had a residency at MC2 Stem High School for over a decade now. In Fall of 2022, Refresh Collective also built four mobile recording studios in four different Cleveland CMSD high schools. During these programs, students create a song as a class, and perform it for their entire school. These performances are often magical in their role as confidence-boosters, and the students are almost always surprised by what they themselves are able to achieve. Some of these students then go on to participate in our after-school or summer programs.

Cincinnati Public School In-School Studio

We are thrilled to offer our songwriting curriculum in Cincinnati Public Schools as of the 2022-23 school year! Lighthouse Public School and Aiken High School host full-time studio classrooms where students are taught by professional musical artists, including legendary rapper & artist K-Drama.

Project Life

Since 2021, Refresh Collective has worked with Cincinnati Public Schools to offer students with alternate learning needs internships and real workforce experience. Students work in our recovery-rich screen printing + embroidery shop and develop rooted connections. They learn social-emotional skills, professional communication, and, of course, screen printing.