Just Too Grateful

Thinking back to his days in early sobriety, one of our artist mentors Lee vividly remembers this powerful statement from a friend.

"Man, everyday I am tempted to put that stuff back in my body! It's a real struggle. But you know what man?? I'm JUST TOO DAMN GRATEFUL to let that bring me down!"

These words have woven their way into the fabric of our team and become a mantra. Time and time again, it has helped us and so many others tap into a deep sense of gratitude...a solid foundation to rebuild after addiction.

In the middle of the struggle, when our minds and bodies feel pulled in different directions, this reminder of how good life has become in sobriety can be the catalyst that helps us get out of our own head and reach out to a sober friend, get to a 12-step meeting, or even just serve to ground us in our newfound serenity.

"I'm just too grateful" to go back to the darkness my life was filled with.
"I'm just too grateful" to give in to this momentary temptation.
"I'm just too grateful" to not pick up the phone when someone needs to hear my experience, strength, and hope.
"I'm just too grateful" to allow bad feelings to fester without processing them with a trusted friend or therapist.

"I'm just too grateful" for the new life I've found, one sober day at a time. 

And for the record, a life lived with expressed gratitude helps EVERYONE, not just those of us in recovery. There's a quote we love around here... "Lament cannot take root where gratitude has already been planted." It's true! Try it! Start a GRATITUDE board in your house, where you write down something or someone you are grateful for every day, and then see how your overall outlook will change over time!

Our brand new "Just Too Grateful" line can help too! Maybe you can wear one of these comfy garments to help remind yourself that you have a lot to be grateful for... and we hope you find that you are "Just too grateful" to have a bad day rocking this swag!

We dedicate this whole line to our friend Tony. We are "Just too damn grateful" for you, brother!